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Lord D’Andre is steadily pushing the boundaries of urban music. After “Microdosing” feat. Nik Tendo earned him international success, and now his latest single “Sell My Soul” beginning to pick up steam, Lord D’Andre is back with another genre bending banger.

“All Night Long” is the best of both worlds; a tasteful mixture of 80’s Pop and Trap. On this record, Lord D’Andre flaunts his wide ranging musical capabilities. He begins with a catchy Michael Jackson-esque chorus before a semi-dramatic beat change introduces a crazy 808 pattern and an aggressive 16-bar rap verse. During a post verse breakdown, Lord D’Andre plays a melodic guitar solo that creeps into the foreground of the instrumental while the final hook repeats. Upon listening to this record over and over, it almost sounds as if there are multiple different artists all just collaborating on a dope crossover record. However, each artist is actually still the same person; Just Lord D'Andre channelling alternate personalities. It's honestly pretty mind blowing. If you have not yet heard, click here to give the track a listen.

The Official Music Video for "ALL NIGHT LONG" has not yet been released, however there has been speculations and rumors of a Metaverse collaboration of some sorts that is in the works. We're not entirely sure what that means just yet, but it definitely sounds like something worth looking out for. For the time being, Lord D'Andre has created and released a simple animated visualizer to accompany the track. Check it out below:

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