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Georgia’s Next BIG Rapper - "Quacino Ca$h"

Quacino Ca$h is a relatively new emerging artist from Georgia. He boldly refers to himself as "The Best Fat Rapper" from time to time, and many of his fans seem to agree with this title. Quacino is becoming known for crafting his own unique sound by stretching his voice a thousand different ways over a super diverse range of futuristic trap instrumentals.

Being born and raised in a small town (Dublin, GA) and coming from a slightly less fortunate family forced Quacino to learn how to hustle and grind at an early age. He grew up watching his father work hard to make a way for him and his siblings. Over time, Quacino began to adopt that same “by any means necessary” mindset that his father had always possessed. So once Quacino began exploring the idea of becoming a rapper, he knew he had to make it work one way or another.

Quacino’s early obsession with music likely stems from his mother’s gospel music background and her involvement in the church. This caused Quacino to be around music at an early age and somewhat develop his own liking to the art. Growing up, he would listen to all sorts of music day in and day out. But, the genre that stuck out to him the most was Rap due to its relatability to his upbringing and surroundings.

By the time he reached junior high school, Quacino Ca$h had begun experimenting with creating music of his own. He had already been subconsciously studying the flows and lyricism of popular artists, so this made it extremely easy for him to come up with his own lyrics. Rapping was like second nature to him once he finally stepped in the booth.

Over the past few years, Quacino has been steadily producing high volumes of music non-stop, all-the-while still adapting to parenthood and dealing with life's many obstacles. However, it wasn't until the latter portion of 2021 when he really decided to fully commit to pursuing a career in music. In this short amount of time, Quacino Ca$h has truly been proving his artistic potential. He has begun developing an interesting musical style for himself. He uses heavy autotune on his powerful rugged voice, making him easily distinguishable from other artists. On top of that, the flows Quacino kicks are so infectious they will have you humming along after just one listen.

Through the indie record label "The Xiii Campaign," Quacino has already released 3 new singles and 2 music videos just in the past 3 months, accumulating thousands of organic views and streams on each release. He most recently released a hard hitting single titled, "Yessay" in which he spotlights his signature word/adlib while passionately spewing out punchlines and braggadocious bars left and right.

Watch as Quacino Ca$h displays his contagious energy and flashy persona in the Official Music Video for "Yessay" below.

Quacino is an interesting character, and we could honestly go on and on for days about him. But, for now we will leave it at that. Now that you've checked out his music and learned a bit about him, how do you feel about "The Best Fat Rapper" aka Quacino Ca$h? We would love to hear your input, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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