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Our Story

The Xiii Campaign began in a rural Georgia town called Dublin during the year 2015.


It was, at first, nothing more than a small yet diverse group of friends who had unintentionally adopted their own sets of rules and life principals. They each shared a strong passion for art, music, and fashion. They tended to gravitate towards nearly anything cool that would separate them from the rest of society. Their many unique methods of expression caused them to stand out amongst their peers so much that they decided to form what the elders of the time may have considered a "gang." However, this was much more than that.

Over time, the crew matured, expanded, and became what is now formally known as "The Xiii Campaign" (properly pronounced as 'The EX-TRIPLE-EYE Campaign'). The name is symbolic of the team's foundation. The number THIRTEEN (or roman numeral XIII) symbolizes rebellion, which plays a huge part in the success of many great individuals of our time.


The goal is to inspire humans to set their own standards, create their own paths, and write their own rule book. Don't be afraid to stand out or go against the grain. It's okay to rebel.

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