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Lord D'Andre releases new Merch + a Melodic alt banger for "Black History Month."

In congruence with Black History Month, Lord D'Andre unveils an anthem for all of those who love the color black.

This new single, "BLACK," gives off a nostalgic feel with its combination of melodic "Trap" elements and a touch of R&B soul. It's a sound reminiscent of a Young Thug and Teezo Touchdown collaboration.

There are many climactic moments throughout this unique record. Lord D'Andre sing-raps a sequence of braggadocious double entendres and unique vocal inflections that make up the hook and verse. After a brief atmospheric breakdown, the chorus repeats but with slight melodic and lyrical alterations which add a tasteful sense of progression to the record. Then, as we reach our final climax, Lord D'Andre leads an audience in an intense triumphal chant, ending the song with very high energy.

Now as if this beautiful musical composition wasn't enough, Lord has also released a collection of merch items all inspired by the feel of his song, "BLACK."

The 5-piece collection includes a black Poly Head Scarf with all-over-print, a black beaded bracelet with a cross pendant, a black handbag with bold lettering on the front side, a black T-Shirt with a bold back graphic, and a black zip-up Hoodie with a bold back graphic.

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